Hi Everyone, 

Now we find ourselves in the middle of April and all seems to be well still.   We are planning our voyage around Britain this year, departing at the end of May.  The prime objective is to visit Barbara’s cousin Linda and her husband Keith on Hoy in Orkney.  They moved up there in the 1970s and we have only seen Linda once since then, so it will be lovely to catch up with them.

We joined the Fareham Sailing and Motor Boat Club (FSMBC) in November and have enjoyed doing our ‘duties’ of bar, galley and safety boat coxswain,  with the Easter weekend on the water keeping an eye on the Fareham Luggers (dinghies) racing for the Roughay Bowl  - an annual thing;  great fun.  We intend having a go at lugger sailing at some stage, but for now it is all hands to the pumps getting Wight Mistress ready for the next adventure.

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Keep safe

Best wishes

Barbara and Steve


Chloé Elizabeth is a big sister to Genna Marie.  A couple of beautiful if precocious grand daughters.