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Monday 6 March 2017

Rather a lot has happened since my last update of this particular page in 2015.

In 2016 we lost both our mums.  They were both around 90 and had a good innings each but they both became unwell and passed away fairly quickly - a blessing really.

So 2016 was spent doing all the appropriate things and spending time at home.

We did some local sailing and stuff, but in the main we enjoyed our cottage-on-the-Isle-of-Wight,  painting anything that stood still long enough and installing a nice new kitchen.   2017 has brought a new member to the White boat family,  with us purchasing  ‘Silent Angel,’  a Merlin Rocket sailing dinghy.   She is very pretty and we look forward to playing with her.   In Island Harbour we now have a fleet of 7 Merlin Rockets and we hope to run regatta’s and other such fun things.

This lovely vessel came with a myriad of sails, rudders, bits of string and wire etc and we are really looking forward to putting her all together, but with a busy plan for 2017 starting with Wight Mistress hauling out tomorrow (Tue 7 March),  a committal of ashes for friends of ours in early April,  a round Britain cruise starting immediately thereafter AND a cruise on the Arcadia in the second half of July,  we are not quite certain which minute of which day we can cram anything else in.  We’ll see.

Wight Mistress is now ‘parked’ in pole position for haul out first thing in the morning.

Please enjoy the notes,   I promise to do better and add more stuff and pics.

For now,  we wish you all that you wish for yourselves. 

Fair winds and following seas.

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Best wishes

Steve and Barbara White

Wight Mistress

now back alongside in Island Harbour